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Rustic Wedding Event Venue Project

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Everything starts with a dream. You have a spark of an idea and your mind begins to form a vision of how your dream will unfold. We had the pleasure of working with Jessica at White Chimney’s Estate to help further her dream of converting a tobacco barn into a comfortable, beautifully rustic event venue.

Jessica explained how the essence of her dream began. “My father taught me to have a love of historic properties. I feel that teaching that historic foundation really teaches your children and gives them meaning and character for their future. From that standpoint, the property was for sale, we moved here just thinking we would live here. Just having the heart for the property.”

The renovations began and the building took shape. Non-supportive beams and structures had to be removed to make room for event space but also had to be moved for non-functional life safety requirements. More than the aesthetic appeal of the building, hidden items such as accessibility requirements, i.e.: handicapped accessibility to buildings, ramps and bathrooms. Fire and smoke safety systems also were required: panic bars on the doors, egress lighting and markings all needed to be in place. After following and meeting all the building code requirements, while maintaining the aesthetic appeal, she was met with another challenge.

She was not required to have a HVAC system but soon realized the implications that would have. “How could I fiscally justify spending $250,000 on renovations just to meet commercial code and not be a year-round business?”

Patriot came in to assess the situation and sit down with Jessica to figure out the best way to keep her guests physically safe and comfortable, while maintaining the iconic image she fought so hard to maintain. The beauty and appeal of this rustic venue is on a working horse farm. Along with that you run into the unappealing odors that come along with it. Patriot recognized this and brought it to Jessica’s attention. Different indoor air quality (IAQ) techniques were incorporated into the HVAC design and then put into practice.

“I’m sure I was not the easiest client. I was very anti metal ductwork and I don’t care for the look. Together we selected fabric sock ducting. We wanted it to be as unobtrusive as possible and I’m very pleased with the outcome. It diffuses the air, no one is sitting under a vent feeling uncomfortable and it preserves the aesthetic of the space.” Using newer HVAC technologies, Patriot implemented a system that eliminated the background mechanical noises.

“Tom of Patriot has always been there for me and very responsive. The first question out of his mouth is ‘What is your goal, what are you trying to accomplish?’ He makes me stop, think and verbalize what I want. He can identify what meets the client’s needs. That’s what I do with my clients. You must identify and listen to your client and what they are trying to verbalize.”

Any project that Patriot tackles embodies the idea of looking beyond what the current needs are to build a long-term solution. White Chimney’s and Patriot have the same vision regarding relationships, solutions and values that keep their clients satisfied.

“I have the belief that anything is possible and that is how I speak to my brides. I tell them, you can have your dream, just tell me what you want.”


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