Why Patriot Water Heater Co?

High-Efficiency Solutions through Hydronic Heating

We have dedicated our time and expertise to helping our clients with the latest in high-efficiency and green solutions to their heating and water supply systems. We constantly monitor contemporary trends, technology and rely on active education to bring you the finest products and cutting-edge techniques. This brings a large value-add to new construction or renovation projects.

Our research into the market has shown us that an increasing number of clients are looking for ways to save money on utilities without sacrificing comfort. We don't believe in using one cookie-cutter approach that applies to every project. Since builds may vary in scope, our planning process allows us to customize solutions that fit the specific need.

Constant Communication

We look to provide increased values to projects. That entails having a robust communication platform in which to make changes and never being married to one idea or concept. We understand that many designs change over time due to  feedback or time constraints. Our staff utilizes a very robust communication infrastructure to provide expedited response time to whatever layout or timetable changes may occur.

Aesthetically Pleasing

People don't usually think of heating and cooling systems as being aesthetically pleasing. By using the latest advances in the industry, we can create clean and attractive designs for each job.  We make sure to develop computer models of the different options we have to best utilize the space we are provided.

Who We are:

Patriot Water Heater is proud to provide commercial, agricultural and pool heating solutions. Whether you need immediate, emergency service for your water heaters, steam or hot water boilers or you are just looking for a consultation, Patriot can help. We also provide fast, comprehensive repairs.

Being a local, family owned company allows us the flexibility to build relationships with our clients on a first-name basis. Our clients time and time again rely on Patriot for being able to handle repairs and installations on a large variety of systems and manufacturers.

We pride ourselves on being confident in our work and craftsmanship. When other companies are unable to find a solution, Patriot is the team to call. Our expert technicians are manufacturer trained and ASP certified for many of the name brands in water heaters and boilers. With our extensive knowledge we can help troubleshoot issues most companies can’t: putting us steps above the rest.