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Boiler Maintenance Best Practices

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Boiler Maintenance Can Avoid Nightmare Scenarios

Imagine it is midnight, on the coldest night of the winter, where the heat in your home suddenly stops working. Even if you do not notice it immediately, the chill you wake up to signifies there is a major issue. Many people who own a home heated by a boiler, be it oil or gas, have had to call on a company to fix a problem that occurs on a cold night.

A heating system, especially a boiler, should be given routine maintenance every fall. A qualified company should be utilized to start, inspect and perform necessary maintenance to the unit in the early fall time, right around when the air begins to have a chill. Yearly boiler maintenance can help to detect failures that have occurred in the off-season and failures that are likely to occur in the coming heating season. These failures can be something as small as a thermostat malfunction, a circulator pump motor has seized or even a hairline crack in the boiler itself which may start leaking when heat is applied. Being proactive and solving problems before you need to run heat constantly is best to avoid those middle- of-the-night breakdowns when it is below freezing.

Depending on your boiler system, maintenance should take between one and three hours. Gas chimney vented boilers are relatively simple in their designs and are quick to clean and service. Oil boilers are more complex and require far more cleaning than gas chimney vented boilers. If you have a high efficiency unit they require even more attention and specific skills to maintain than oil. Cleaning can be a lengthy process so it is best to schedule these visits where the technician has the time to perform all necessary checks.

It is imperative to have the units cleaned to ensure their operation, proper combustion efficiency and a lengthy life. Besides the boiler, there are likely pumps, zone valves, air eliminators, radiators, and controls that should have their operation checked and started up before those cold days move in.

Most boilers manufactured now are designed for a service life of 30+ years. We often see many boilers fail long before the end of their expected lifespan as a direct result from improper or neglected maintenance schedules. Patriot Water Heater technicians utilize a thorough 24-point checklist for inspecting and servicing every boiler system we encounter. Patriot Water Heater, Co and its technicians always recommend yearly service for your water and steam boiler systems to ensure a long and reliable service life.


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