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Comfort and Value from Pool Heating Systems

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Comfort and Value from Pool Heating Systems

The first warm days of spring liven spirits as we look forward to the time where we can bask in sunlight and anticipate the lovely summer days ahead. Those of us with pools, we begin to think about cleaning, shocking and getting all systems up and ready for when peak use approaches.

A solid heating system that is properly installed and maintained can extend the pool season to long after the traditional season can end. The ability to have quick, on-demand warm water even when the air outside still has a chill is great for swimming enthusiasts and those who rely on pool therapy!

Patriot Water Heater Co. understands these needs and offers installations and service for pool heaters. This allows us to not only install and service pool heaters but also educate owners about best practices to avoid costly repairs. We are the most trained, qualified and certified in our area and have worked extensively with local commercial and residential customers.

Best Practices and Efficiency

It is always recommended to have proper maintenance performed before you open your pool for the season. If there were any issues that occurred prior to closing the pool in a previous season, such as low water temperature or difficulty maintaining temperature, this indicates the unit needs to be inspected. Preventative measures are always cheaper in the long run and lead to a longer lifespan for your equipment.

If you are thinking about installing a heater for the first time, it is important to have the most efficiency pool heater unit installed as possible. There are no one-size-fits-all pool heaters. The size of the pool, desired efficiency and heating demand all play a factor when first selecting a heater. Making the right decisions the first time around can save hundreds of dollars in energy.

Read the Manual!

Always read the manual that comes with your pool heater. The manufacturer guidelines coupled with the guidance of a pool heater specialist, empowers the owner to acknowledge best practices and approach new installations with a sense of confidence. We know you want to have your pool open earlier and close later in the season! Remember, this is an investment!

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