An indoor pool facility containing a lap pool at 31,000 gallons, a therapy at 21,000 gallons and a spa at 1200 gallons was going under remodeling. The original system had one heater for each pool at 250,000 Btu each. Due to flow issues and heating sizing the facility was having continuing failures. We installed two U.S. Boiler K-2 180,000 Btu boilers connected to an individual heating exchanger for each pool. The system gives them the ability to have fast recovery times during maintenance and back-washing. Modulating boilers produce the correct amount of heat based on demand. We were able to reduce from 750,000 Btu to 360,000 Btu. With this setup they gained the ability to have redundancy in case one of the heaters were to fail. Since both heaters are setup as one unit, if one fails the other one will take over.