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Gas Conversion: More Return than the Stock Market

You come home from work and you find in your mailbox, or taped to your door, the bill for the latest oil delivery. With a heavy sigh, you see the price which appears to increase at mind-boggling levels each time you receive an invoice. As you enter your home, you are immediately greeted by the deep, acrid smell of oil in the air. The delivery person has once again overfilled your tank. Not only have they squeezed more money from you, you now must deal with the repercussions. Now may the time to think about a gas conversion.

The smell of oil that can leak from a holding tank, to anyone that has experienced it, is foul and those with finished basements feel as if the odor seeps into every fiber and surface. The real health danger is the possibility of fire. After a messy clean up, the inconvenience of having to speak to your oil company and complain, coupled with the aggravation of another high bill might lead you to start looking at alternatives such as gas conversion.oil gas conversion

Luckily, there is an increasing number of homeowners who are converting from oil to gas-based systems. Sadly, many are not informed of the benefits of such a switch and feel that they are being sold on unnecessary equipment and labor. This could not be further from the truth. By replacing an oil based system with an equivalent level efficient gas system, the owner will receive an instant return on investment of 15%. To put that into perspective, per marketwatch.com, the Dow Jones only gained 13.4% in 2016. Simply put: this conversion is safer than investing in personal finance or the stock market itself! If you decide to go with a higher efficiency system (some go as high as 96%) we can show you how that return on investment will offset the difference in initial cost in a very short period.

Patriot performs oil-to-gas conversions to educate and incorporate the other benefits of conversion. Gas systems overall achieve a much higher efficiency. Due to the higher efficiency, owners enjoy lower monthly costs of ownership and leave a much smaller environmental footprint! Allow Patriot to analyze your current system, perform the proper calculations and show you how converting to gas is not as painful and expensive as you may have been led to believe. It is an investment in your largest investment: your home. We are always available and willing to help our community bring down their cost of living, spread our knowledge and help the spread of eco-friendly systems to home and commercial owners alike!

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