In this customer's home there was no primary/secondary piping, no air elimination, no feed valve and the pump was on the return side of the boiler. The water returning to the cast iron boiler was too cool and the heat exchanger was condensing.  The combustion chamber had collapsed, sections were leaking, the flue pipe was rotten, oil use was over $3,000 per year, and the home was horribly uncomfortable.  Long piping runs and high head created by strange piping were causing both the condensation and comfort issues.

Over the course of four days, we completely revolutionized the heating system.  Aside from the baseboard and some copper pipe, everything was replaced. I visited the home on the morning after I fired the boiler, and the customer mentioned how nice it was to have even heat throughout the house. At the time, the outdoor temperature was 31°F.  The boiler was running at 20% input. We conservatively expect a 30% reduction in heating expense.  But that doesn’t include the electric that will no longer be consumed. And at the end of a winter day, it’s pretty hard to quantify comfort.