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Service Contracts Enhance Warranties

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Service Contracts Enhance Existing Home Warranties

Warranties for our appliances, homes and utilities are an attractive way to provide peace of mind for our purchases. It could be as small as a kitchen appliance or as large as covering your home. Most of the time this can be enough to handle any small issues that can come up with the covered items but it can also be good practice to invest in Service Contracts to fill in any gaps in coverage.

Most home warranty companies cover your heating, cooling, and water systems in your home. But they will only cover them if the issue you are trying to claim was pre-existing, caused by a lack of preventative maintenance, or that it was not properly installed. It is always a good idea to keep any receipts, or proof of proper maintenance to these units handy if you need submit a claim.

Once you have paid for your home warranty and something goes wrong, leaks, or breaks, your first step would be to call your home warranty company. There are a lot of coverage options that may suit your needs, but sometimes it becomes necessary to seek outside help especially if you have a hard time understanding the proper maintenance guidelines or how to approach things when something goes wrong.

A great way to supplement this is to contact a local company that specializes in the service you require. Purchasing a service contract will allow you to have direct access to a pool of skilled, certified, and respectful technicians who live right in the same area as you do. Going with a service contract allows you the opportunity to have a company come out to your home, typically a few times a year, to evaluate and maintain your equipment. When you go with a service contract you get to build a relationship with a company and the tech who is in your home. They can provide advice, perform repairs, installations and develop plans for future replacements or customer needs.

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