Patriot’s Water Comfort Experts Know Boilers

Your natural gas or propane gas boiler is a unit whose primary job is to heat water. The resulting hot water or steam is then circulated through your home to provide heat and hot water for your living space. Hot water from the boiler distributes heat when it is piped it into different rooms and distributed through radiators, radiant under floor tubing, heat exchanger or to radiant wall panels. Once the cast iron radiators, hot water baseboards or radiant tubing is heated with the hot water produced by the boiler the room is warmed by radiation and convection, the water is returned where it is re-heated, and circulation continues. When properly maintained, a boiler can supply your home with comfortable heat for many years.

Gas Boiler Repairs & Maintenance

Patriot Water Heater, Co. Provides professional service and repair for any type of natural gas or propane gas boiler system. We service all makes and models, including natural gas fired, propane gas fired and other hot water-based systems.

Patriot Water Heater, Co. repair services include:

• Radiator repairs and installations

• Baseboard heating repairs and installation

• Gas piping

• WiFi / Smart Thermostats

• 24 hour emergency service

  1. Cycle boiler’s from thermostat to verify unit is functioning
  2. Inspect system for general problems (water leakage, burnt wires, physical damage)
  3. Verify appropriate supply of combustion air to system
  4. Inspect circuits for presence of air in piping
  5. Check for accumulation of dirt or rust on vent piping or draft hood. Also verify there are no holes, sagging of pipe, or signs of damage
  6. Ensure flue is sealed at chimney base
  7. Check boiler pressurization and add or remove pressure if needed
  8. Check condition and operation of all air elimination devices
  9. Check and test high limit aquastat control & settings
  10. Drain expansion tank (if applicable)
  11. Inspect expansion tanks for evidence of leakage or air infiltration
  12. If expansion tank is “diaphragm” type, check for proper pressurization
  13. Ensure that the safety relief valve pipe is 6” above the floor and that there are no leaks present
  14. Check and document flue draft readings using a draft meter
  15. Test low water cut-off devices for proper operation (if applicable)
  16. Test operation of any and all safety devices
  17. Complete a comprehensive combustion analysis and document all readings
  18. Check for appropriate gas pressure both from the meter and to the manifold
  19. Verify there are no gas leaks on piping with a leak detection solution and/or electronic leak detector
  20. Verify proper operation of all circulator pumps, zone valves, and relays
  21. Check and inspect flame ignition and proving circuits
  22. Oil/lubricate motors or pumps (if applicable)
  23. Test for proper voltage
  24. Verify integrity of all wiring/electrical connections

Boiler Replacement & Boiler Installation

If your unit is beyond repair, or outdated and inefficient, Patriot Water Heater, Co. can supply and install a new, energy-saving unit. Our installation specialists are well-versed in all boiler makes and models, and can outfit your home or business with the best boiler to keep you warm through the winter months.

Happy customers are our number one goal, and we want to make sure you enjoy the pleasure of the warm, comfortable and worry-free home that you deserve. If your boiler is in need of attention, call Patriot Water Heater TODAY and one of our certified technicians will be there to help.

To schedule your installation or repair, call us at 484-222-5181!