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Spring Is Well Season

The winter months are ending and you’re thinking it’s time to get outside. The time has come to think about flowers, gardens, washing your car and maybe even power washing the house. These are all great ideas but have you thought about your well? We have all made it through the cold of the winter and although this year wasn’t a terribly cold or snowy winter, it likely still had an impact on your homes mechanics.

Twice a year Patriot Water Heater notices a trend in Well Pump and Well System failures. Generally, we see a burst of failures in the fall and spring. The fall failures are generally caused by cooling water temps that add additional stress to your plumbing systems. However, the spring time has its own share of troubles.

Even with warmer weather in the air, projects around the house will mean more water usage. Additional water usage means your existing pump is going to be cycling on and off more frequently. Those additional cycles and gallons you will pumping out of the ground could lead to a failure in older pump systems.

We are equipped to handle anything from a simple pressure switch replacement, to pulling your old failed pump and installing a new one.

**Chester County Residents, if your first call isn’t to us be sure that your plumber is Chester County Health Department certified – There are only about 55 professionals licensed to work on well systems in the county! **

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