Patriot is Chester and Lancaster Counties Well System Service Experts

Patriot Water Heater, Co has the expertise and certifications to provide you with a reliable and safe water system for your family’s needs. Whether it’s emergency well pump service, low water pressure, a bad pressure tank, hard water, or leaking plumbing Patriot is here to help. Patriot is a Chester County Health Department certified pump installer (CCHD# 2037).

Patriot also offers a solution for the energy-conscious consumer. A standard submersible pump will turn on when pressure drops below a set point, typically 40PSI. This means that the pump will run until pressure is restored to the shut off set point, typically 60PSI. That will continue to occur as long as water demand exists and operates at high loads, drawing more energy. In response to consumer feedback, we proudly offer the Grundfos SQE solution.

What makes the Grundfos SQE constant pressure submersible pump valuable to consumers is it’s ability to save you money on energy by matching pump speed to your demand. The system provides comfort and savings by utilizing constant pressure and a variable speed motor.

Patriot is also proud to provide same-day service for:Patriot is Chester and Lancaster Counties Well Pump Service Experts

  • well pumps
  • constant pressure pumps
  • booster pumps
  • jet pumps
  • sump pumps
  • sediment filters
  • reverse osmosis
  • pressure tanks

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